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Honest, intelligent, ethical, well informed, strong, persistent, and even kind hearted. Amazing find, amazing lawyer!

- Brenda

Kelly is a great attorney. He is knowledgeable in his craft. I have great trust in his work.

- Tyler

Our family has retained Kelly E. Dowd, PLLC for many years and will continue to do so for many more. Through the years he has provided us with excellent legal advice, guidance and representation. Kelly is exactly the type of attorney we sought out when moving to the area; professional, tenacious, forthright and communicative.

Most recently he assisted us with a land dispute case. A neighbor tried to lay claim to a large section of our property. Mr. Dowd diligently researched the situation and in doing so not only stopped the illegal encroachment of our neighbor but also reclaimed parts of the property erroneously assigned to other landholders in past years.

On several occasions we have referred friends & colleagues to Kelly. We are confident that our interests will always be well represented by Kelly and the Law Offices of Kelly E. Dowd, PLLC.

- William & Anastasia Colby

Kelly handled my divorce from decree to post divorce enforcement. Through all of this, I was very thankful that he was my lawyer. He knows the law inside and out, and can present his case thoroughly and in my opinion - with flair. He responded to my phone calls, emails and concerns in a very timely manner. His fees are reasonable. He is ethical, personable, respectful and hard working. Always felt I was in good hands.

- Kim

Very personable with reasonable fees.

- Regandres

Kelly gave me the support I needed to resolve a post-divorce issue, and he understood the nuances of the situation. He was efficient, thoughtful, communicative, and pleasant to work with. I'd highly recommend him for any sort of legal needs.

- Alice

I am a female senior citizen. On a Saturday evening around 6 PM, I was driving to pick up dinner after a long day working in the garden. I was stopped by a female Keene police officer for not using a directional. The next thing I knew I was hand-cuffed, in the back seat of a cruiser, my car was impounded and being towed to an unknown lot, and I was in the Keene jail being photographed. Not exactly a night on the town! ...

I had no idea that I had a suspended license, a suspended registration, etc. I was released from the Keene Police station after an hour and received a notice by mail to attend court for a hearing. I was scared!

I had heard that Kelly Dowd has a good reputation, would listen, and would take action. It was embarrassing having to explain how I found myself in such a situation, but he was kind. I felt comforted that someone would look out for my interests and cared about my well-being. He reassured me that the circumstances would be explained to the court. Before the date of the hearing, Attorney Dowd made contact with the prosecutor and arranged for a settlement. On the court date, the judge told me that the charges would be dismissed on the condition that the State could bring them back if there were any driving or criminal violations within a year. Without Kelly's help, I don't think the outcome would have been pleasant. He interceded on my behalf in a way that only an Attorney can do. To anyone in trouble with the law, I can tell you, he's the one to talk to. He's caring, knowledgeable, and very effective!

- Female Senior Citizen, Keene, Nh

Kelly recently helped me through one of the darkest times of my life - a divorce with two young children and a very difficult Ex. He is certainly very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. He looked out for the best interest of my children and myself and really helped cut down time on what could have been a VERY long process if I'd tried to do it alone. All in all - Kelly Dowd was excellent in dealing with my case and the issues that arose during the course of it.

- Kayla