New Hampshire Appellate Practice

New Hampshire Appellate Practice

Keene, NH, attorney Kelly E. Dowd has been involved in a number of appellate matters before the New Hampshire Supreme Court and other appeals courts. He has been instrumental in establishing the constitutional rights of parents in guardianship hearings.

Appeals include:

  • Kulick‚Äôs, Inc. v. Town of Winchester, Supreme Court Case No. 2014-0226 (March 16, 2015, unpublished)
  • In re Guardianship of Matthew L., 164 N.H. 484 (2012)
  • In re Guardianship of Reena D., 163 N.H. 107 (2011)
  • Bosonetto v. Town of Richmond, 163 N.H. 736 (2011)
  • Kwader v. Town of Chesterfield, Supreme Court Case No. 2010-0151 (2011, unpublished)
  • Golf Course Investors of NH, LLC v. Town of Jaffrey, 161 N.H. 675 (2010)
  • Nine A. LLC v. Town of Chesterfield, 157 N.H. 361 (2008)
  • Bates v. Phenix Mut. Fire Ins. Co., 156 N.H. 719 (2008)
  • In re Juvenile 2004-789-A, 153 N.H. 332 (2006)
  • Sheppard v. River Valley Fitness One, L.P., 428 F.3d 1 (2005)

Experienced Advocacy for New Hampshire Appeals

If you are a party or attorney who needs skilled representation in a New Hampshire appeal, contact the Law Offices of Kelly E. Dowd to discuss your case. Attorney Kelly Dowd will offer a realistic assessment of your appeal or defense to an appeal. We look forward to putting our experience to work for you.