Keene, New Hampshire, Litigation / Civil Suits

The law offices of Kelly E. Dowd can provide help in the following New Hampshire civil matters that you may face:

Evictions, Landlord / Tenant Disputes, and Fair Housing Complaints
Keene attorney Kelly Dowd has provided assistance to landlords in a number of difficult eviction cases, as well as having dealings with HUD and/or Department of Justice officials in connection with Fair Housing Violations.

Attorney Dowd has had a number of successful collection actions against both individuals and businesses.

Business / Contractual Disputes
Attorney Dowd has managed a number of business and contractual disputes either through litigation or arbitration.

Personal Injury and Insurance Coverage Disputes
Attorney Dowd has handled a number of subrogation claims, personal injury matters, and disputes over insurance coverage.

Experienced New Hampshire Civil Litigation
To put Kelly Dowd’s experience to work for you in a New Hampshire litigation matter, contact the Law Offices of Kelly E. Dowd.